Here at spx, we have been working hard to deliver to you the next cutting edge update for our favourite plugin. That’s why we are more than excited to present you this brand new version.

🎨 Brand & Website redesign

When we initially brought you spx, the website was laid out in a fixed-width format. Understandably this created issues when viewing the site on larger screens and generally wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. During the 2.0 incubation stage, we had to rethink the entire design as we felt it wasn’t as progressive as the plugin itself. Fast forward to now and we are excited to present to you the overhauled identity. Adjusting to any screen responsively in a non-fixed format, the new design showcases the plugin in a more sophisticated and unified light.

📖 New documentation

While we were brainstorming the new features of spx 2.0, there was a constant question: how could we introduce these new features, while simultaneously teaching our customers how to use them? We realised that it was possible to automatically generate documentation directly from the source files of the plugin, using the common JSDoc format. This technique eliminates room for errors, making the users experience more upfront and ‘straight from the source’, no pun intended. 😏

🧬 New components

At spx, we believe the more components we can create to make your life easier the better. So why not have a plugin that can do it all? We are happy to present you following new elements:


Based on Swiper.js, the slider feature will help you flawlessly create a completely functional slider without the time and effort of writing the code yourself. With less time and energy spent on the time-consuming part of setting up a slider, you can now direct your time to something else, like baking a cake or going outside.


A notation is a crafty way to draw emphasis on sections of your content without the permanency of a constant highlight or bracket around what you want to emphasize.


It is now possible to create a customizable and infinite slideshow with full control over the speed parameters. Check the landing page for an example!


Using this component you can demonstrate what code would look like as if it was written in a normal code editor, including colour coding and indenting. Perfect for creating examples and showcasing your unique code.

🔮 New Oxygen integration

With our new Oxygen integration, you will now be able to implement components in one master wrapper. This is groundbreaking for us as the developers behind the plugin because it spares us the monotonous task of single-handedly integrating each feature into the Oxygen editor.

Since version 3.5 of Oxygen introduced the ability to add data-attributes to elements, this new way is now perfectly feasible.

The remaining elements that were introduced before 2.0 will be available until 3.0. However, it is now advised to use the newly introduced master wrapper.

🧱 New section system

We are excited to announce that we have developed a new section system that makes creating beautiful and cohesive websites easier than ever. With our new system, you can now change elements of your website all at once by editing just a fraction of the code.

For example, by editing global variables like colour and spacing you are able to change multiple elements at once, creating cohesion with a simplistic approach. We love it so much we used it to create our new landing page and will continue to use this feature on all of our future pages. As exciting as this new development is, it is currently in BETA mode so we would love for you to try it and send us your feedback.

All in all, we are extremely excited by what we have achieved with 2.0. We aimed to create a cohesive and appealing design to showcase how our software can be used, specifically our section system while adding new components such as the slider, notation, code-highlighter and slideshow. The future of spx is looking bright and we are happy for everyone that is on this road with us.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and features!