What a year it has been. With 2020 being such a rollercoaster for many of us, we are glad, excited and full of motivation for what 2021 will have in store.

🎊 The year for spx

Little over 6 months ago, version 1.0 was released into the wild. It being our first commercial product, we didn’t know what to expect at first. Since spx is such a user-centric product, listening to feedback and suggestions has been crucial and pivotal in moving the plugin forward. In fact, some of the new features in 3.0 are completely inspired by your messages! Let’s dive into all the new features and enhancements.

🚨 Removal of singular Oxygen elements

Singular Oxygen elements are being deprecated in favor of the master component. spx is not a page builder centric plugin, but is instead able to adapt to new tools in the WordPress space. If you wanna know more about the reasoning for this, please visit the 2.0 post.

What this means for your current sites:

If you are using any of the singular Oxygen elements on your sites, it is advised to swap them out for the master component before updating to 3.0. If you are already using the master component, you have nothing to worry about.

🍰 Shortcodes

The following components are now also available as shortcodes. This greatly improves the areas that spx can be used in. For more details on the exact usage, please visit the documentation. Please keep in mind that the following components are currently not available as shortcodes.

Furthermore, it is currently not possible to use helper functions with the following components when used as shortcodes:

🧬 Data API

Although not entirely new, we have given the Data API a structural overhaul and added a documentation entry for it. Located within the plugin root folder, you will find a JSON file for every component which contains valuable information such as the default value, data type, methods, events, and much more. That same dataset is used internally to generate a good portion of the documentation and all of the shortcodes, so the possibilities are endless!

💠 Component updates

Besides a new didLoad event for all components and various bug fixes, following components received some new features:


Accordions can now be linked together. This means that it is possible to open or close all other accordions with the same id on click.


The code component now supports JSON along with options to display line numbers and a “Copy to clipboard” button. Since providing the best experience for the user is at the forefront of every design decision, we have decided to display both by default. Of course, it is also possible to disable these features.

3️⃣ Semantic versioning

spx is now following the Semver versioning pattern, so breaking changes will be limited to major releases. (3.0.0, 4.0.0 etc.)

That’s a wrap! The next steps and new features for spx are already planned out and currently in development. Watch out for some new components, tighter integrations and some other neat surprises.